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Product Name: Pete’s Betfair Methods – Professional Betfair Training System

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We have put together a
trading instructional manual for those wanting to know
how to trade on Betfair. Now many people trade on
Betfair without understanding the market dynamics, and
subsequently fail to capitalise on what the markets
really have to offer.

The real truth,
is that most people who use Betfair will lose money,
because they have not adhered to basic principles; and
the reason they have not adhered to these details is
because they are not common knowledge.

Think about it,
the way Betfair works is by those who trade successfully
being paid by those who have lost their trades.

This is basically how it

Many times we have been
asked if we would be prepared to reveal information that
can produce an income every year, tax free. I was
hesitant at first, because although I used to reveal my
methods, I have not done for a number of years.

Back in 2004 when I was
working part-time, I usually found myself with some free
time on my hands during the day, as my wife worked
daytimes, and I worked at a bakery in the evenings, so
whilst looking on the internet I stumbled across
Betfair, which if you don’t know, is a betting exchange.

I honestly thought that
nobody ever made money from ‘trading’, but what I
quickly realised with Betfair, was that you can place
money of an event to fail, which caught my interest. The
reason it caught my interest, was mainly due to the fact
that surely finding something that fails was much easier
than something that wins?

For example, in an 8 horse
race, one horse is going to win, and the rest are going
to lose, right? Of course, which got me thinking. I had
always been competent at maths, so I watched what
happened on Betfair for around 2 months. Obviously, the
odds for betting the losers (that didn’t win) was much
less than for placing money on outright winners.

Then I spotted
Something Interesting…

I noticed that a certain
outcome happened time, and time again, even though it
was not expected to happen, where most people would be
placing large amounts of money on an outcome that failed
very regularly. I then had an idea.

So I asked a friend who was
a regular at the bookies if I could borrow his old Daily
Mirror racing pages, as I knew he used to collect just
the racing results pages from the paper, and he had them
going back 12 months+. What I could do then, using what
I had spotted, was back-track through all the results to
see if my ‘new idea’ would have worked….. and oh
yes…..It worked!

I have to tell you, that it
is a pretty amazing feeling when you think you have
stumbled across a way to make profit like this, but I
still had to be sure, so I started ‘paper trading’ my
method over the next few weeks, and sure enough the
results were the same as what I found when back-checking
the Daily Mirror. I never said a word to my wife about
this, at this stage!

No, never told a soul.
What I had to do now, was test it live, with real money.
I opened my Betfair account, and followed through with
the exact same selections my method gave me. The very
first day I made money in about 10 minutes, but for my
own peace of mind, I had to try it out of a few weeks, a
month at least. I felt like I had won the lottery, but I
was still testing all the time, and finally, once I had
gone past around 6 weeks, I mentioned it to wife that I
had made a bit of money online.

That soon got her attention,
and when I shown her the stats, and that the money was
made over a good period of weeks, she was satisfied that
it wasn’t a flash in the pan thing. Wow, “gee, thanks,
eh”. No, I can understand why people look down at it,
UNTIL they really appreciate that when you have done the
full research on something, and really understood what
is possible, it can be a little difficult to grasp.

Do you want to know
what was most satisfying about finding this information?
It was the fact that I didn’t have to rely on other
people to support my family. You know, bosses that you
have to tip-toe around in fear of saying something that
could leave you in a delicate situation.

Our Lives Become
Surrounded by Routine.

Crazy really how we live our
lives, especially the work situation, where you have to
almost ‘act’ a part, just to ensure you have some money
coming into your household. It really is nuts when you
think about it. Most of us will spend almost 50 years
working for somebody else, always in their debt, and
having to be ‘nice’ just for the sake of keeping your
job. I always hated that.

I Then Fine-Tuned My
Methods … As you can probably gather from what
I have said above, I have never really enjoyed working
for somebody else, so as soon as I started making money
with this method, I continued to fine-tune the
strategies, to ensure that I never had to work for an
employer again – And that is a very good incentive, let
me tell you. Now, I can literally spend an hour, or so a
day, and be out with my desired profits, done, dusted,
and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

I suppose if I wanted to, I
could spend all day using the methods, and make much
more money, but do you know what?, there is much more to
life than just making money, and once you start to enjoy
some free time, you start to appreciate it more; you
relax, and the ‘work-ethic’ (at least it did for me)
quickly vanished. I just made what I needed, and wanted,
then enjoyed the rest of the day.

How good does that sound?
Ha, I said to myself when I was asked to write this,
that I would REALLY try not to sell it, and just tell my
story, which is really what I am trying to do. No doubt
the company who asked me to write this, will make this
page all shiny, and dancing, but please, just remember
that this story is coming right from my mouth, grammar
mistakes and all. I asked for it NOT to be edited,
because what I really wanted to get across to you, was
this I am just like you.

OK, because I originally
worked part-time I may not have worked as much as most,
thus having the time to search around to make money this
way, but I am just an ordinary guy, and I hope this
comes across that way. Talking of which, whilst I was
only working part-time, I had the time to scan ways of
making money online, mail-order, MLM, Kleeneze and other
garbage; none of which worked properly.

It was around this time that
eBay was becoming well known, so I started buying little
snippets of information on ‘how to make money from
home’, you know the stuff, and this is when I first
purchased betting systems – NONE OF THEM WORKED.

I started to write down
I was learning

So, after about 3 years of
making great money with my own methods, which I KNEW
worked, I remembered eBay, and how people were buying
gambling information that just didn’t work. I KNEW mine
worked, and I had a brain-wave to sell my system on
eBay. I created an eBay account, and started listing the
method (I quickly wrote it in a Microsoft Word
document), and started listing the information for sale.
Although, because I KNEW people would make money, and
that my methods would make them profit, I offered them a
‘double your money back guarantee’.

I Know you will be satisfied
with the profits you make from the information, and
although I cannot guarantee (and I will not guarantee)
any profits you will make, if you follow the advice in
the manuals then I will guarantee that you will be
streets ahead of your existing knowledge on trading, and
this will give you much more confidence on Betfair.

I am not a millionaire.
I don’t have a day job to speak off, but my wife still
works. But do you know what? It is a very nice amount of
money to keep coming in, month after month, and all it
takes to actually make the money is a few hours per day,
not even that sometimes. Some days I have it done in 20
minutes, then go fishing before the wife gives me
something else to do 🙂

Since those early days, I
have fine-tuned my method, and have a few other little
snippets along the same lines which also make good
money, that I will also show you, but when I was asked
to put this story together, I specifically instructed
that it was not over sold.

So I am not going to bang
on, and on about how this ‘suddenly happened one day’,
then talk and talk about how great it is. It is not my
style. OK, I have anticipated some questions I think you
might need answering. These are the type of questions I
was asking when I was a buyer (I’ve been there, too, as
mentioned above).

Like I said I am not a millionaire, but I make a healthy
living from Betfair and am happy to help others do the
same, especially having seen (and in some cases
purchased) other systems/tips that claim to make you
rich. I would rather people were not wasting their time
with some of the systems out there.

Why does the
information work?

Having used Betfair since
2004 I have an in-depth knowledge of several markets,
and I will tell you how to use these markets to make you
a profit These markets include sports such as football,
horse racing, rugby and tennis. Having watched these
markets for the last 9 years, and using statistical
evidence that I will show to you in the guide that comes
with the methods, I know that this system will work.

You mention another method,
is that included?

Yes, there is something in
Betfair, a tiny piece of information that is shown on
Betfair that not many people either know about or use.
Again using a average bank, a profit can be made, every
time you use it.

Are these methods for those
with no experience?

You do not need to be a
gambling expert. If you have knowledge of Betfair that
helps, especially how to place lay bets as well as back
bets, however information on how to use to Betfair is
also included in the guide for those that do not.

Can you prove your
system works?

Yes, I show you proof! From
Monday 22nd January to Friday 26th January I set up a
new Betfair account, and use the methods to profit. I
will not state the amounts, because I am not making any
income claims, what I am showing you is what works for
us, and what has worked for over 9 years on Betfair, and
the exchanges.

Let’s recap on
what you will learn…

The PDF download
will teach you everything you need to learn regarding
Betfair, including the following:

As mentioned, we will leave
no stone unturned. The value for money is fantastic, and
if you do have any queries, or questions, then we will
also be offered a support service included in the price
of this training course.

What are the methods
included in the course?

As well as teaching you
exactly how the markets work, as well as a variety of
useful information to get your trading career off to a
flying start, we will also be including the methods that
we ourselves use. These include the following methods:

Yes, the package now
includes video training with around 20+ videos showing
live trading examples, profits being made right on the
screen; and exactly how we traded the methods, which you
can follow.

Also included in the video
training is how to use the Betfair website, how to set
it up for the methods we use, as well as how to use
various software that is available, which can speed up
your trading activities.

Number 1

This is the first method I
created for myself back in 2004, after finding out
something very interesting that happened very often,
which was overlooked. I backtracked the information,
then tested it using my own money, which has now proven
itself over the last 9 years to produce consistent
profits. This method will always continue to work, for
the very fact, that you can place bets on events to
fail, instead of win. A true game changer.

Number 2

This second method was a
by-product of me using Betfair every day, and I spotted
something that the high street bookmakers use to
guarantee themselves a profit. This method also
absolutely guarantees you a profit no matter what. 100%
failsafe. Use it, and you will profit. This is in
addition to the first method, and is a method all by
itself. A truly amazing way to make guaranteed money
using the Betfair website.

What’s included
in the course?

Included in the course is
everything you need to start learning how to trade
successfully, including the following:

Is There a

Yes, there is a complete
money back guarantee. We are very confident that you
will find benefit in all the included training
materials, and the very same methods I use, which you
can put to use immediately.

If you don’t feel you have
received enough benefit, or that the methods do not work
for you, then the following guarantee applies:          

How Much is The Training
Manuals, Methods & Tools?

Please remember that we have
been using these methods, and implementing the very same
training you will be receiving, for around 9 years. The
information, and methods work, when implemented, and
therefore we have price the product very reasonably
at only £50

Please purchase the product
using the link below, and inside a few minutes you will
have downloaded your product, and will be on your way to
being in a fantastic position of learning Betfair
trading from those who have already spent many years
using the same principles.

Gift For All Buyers

We are also going to be
including a free gift with the package, called Bonus
Scooper, and the free gift will detail exactly how you
can generate around £1,000+ in free bonuses, which can
then be used to start your trading bank. Similar
information is being sold online for as much as £150 per
year, but we will give you this manual for free to help
with your starting bank.

The free gift alone will
easily cover the price of this Betfair package, when
used to collect bonuses.

You can make the purchase of
Peter’s Methods, The
training manuals, video
tutorial package, as well as the
free gift by clicking the
‘add to cart’ button below.

After purchase you will be redirected to the download
page where you can immediately download your
product. The product is in PDF format. If you have any
problems with the download or the product, or require
support then please contact us on the email provided on
the thank you page.

Adobe Acrobat software is
required to read the PDF manuals, which can be
downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Contact Us |

Terms Of Service

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

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rights reserved

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Click here to get Pete’s Betfair Methods – Professional Betfair Training System at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Pete’s Betfair Methods – Professional Betfair Training System is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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